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How do I move on after this? Does it ever get any better?

Healing and moving forward after experiencing Domestic Violence will not be easy but you can do it! It absolutely does get better; with time. You may expect to feel immediate happiness and relief once you have ended the relationship. However, the result may not be what you were expecting. You may still feel anxious, scared and, guilty amongst many other things and if you do, please know that all of these feelings are completely normal. Recovery takes time. Abuse can have a lifelong impact but the severity of its impacts could lessen over time with the right help.  Therapy is always recommended for individuals who have endured any type of abuse or trauma.  You may check with your employer to inquire if they offer EAP (the Employee Assistance Program). This program offers many different benefits for employees including a set number of free therapy sessions per year. They will also provide assistance with finding the right therapist. This service is free, no out of pocket costs and, completely confidential. If this option is not offered by your employer, we have included a link below that could assist you in your search to finding a therapist. In the meantime, as you continue on your journey of healing, try not to focus on the trauma and focus on what makes you happy. Think about what happiness means to you and, what that looks like for you. Try to give those things the largest space in your mind. It may also be helpful to develop a hobby. What do you like to do?  It could be exercising, bowling, or even reading. Figure out what works for you! Remember that the journey of healing and forgiveness is not easy but it IS doable. 

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