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Service to others is the rent you pay for your spot here on earth.   -Mohammed Ali

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Period poverty is one of the most overlooked struggles, yet it still manages to affect more than 40 million people here in the United States alone.

Many people living on the streets and facing poverty, in general, are forced to choose between necessary menstrual hygiene commodities and food because the products are overpriced. Rather than purchasing the typically expensive period products, people have resorted to using all types of materials to “take care” of their period. Some of these include napkins, socks, leaves, rags, and shirts, all of which do not meet the standards of safe-to-use products.

Having recently become a distribution partner of Atlanta Glow, TMM is taking a stand and “Putting a Pause on Period Poverty.” We will be providing a large number of FREE menstrual products on Saturday, July 9 from 12-3pm (while supplies last). Please share this flyer and come and see us on the 9th so that we can provide yourself and the young ladies in your family with the personal hygiene items you need.

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Founder Katina Davis (left), with event host 

Latisha B. Russell

Founder Katina Davis (right) with Arlene Korleh; host of "The Path 4ward" podcast

Our founder answering a question from the audience.

Are you looking to volunteer with us?  Download an application below.  Completed applications may be sent to

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