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Meet The Team

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Rachel is a Chicago native and an adult survivor of childhood sexual, emotional/ physical abuse and trauma inflicted upon her by members of her family. A few words from her below:

"When I came out and tried to tell my truth as a teen, barely any of my family really believed a word I said and it made me feel very lonely. I vowed as an adult to never allow a child to feel that way and to listen no matter what.

      My vision is to make every child facing any trauma feel that they are not alone and that they are loved and deserve a safe, happy home and life. As a child this is the one thing I needed and was not afforded. It takes a village to raise a happy, healthy child and I am here to stand in the gap for them and be the voice that for too long has gone unheard.


Be kind in all things."

Originally born in Miami, Florida, Katina is a Washington, DC native who relocated to the District of Columbia with her family after the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1993. She is a graduate of the DC public school system and continued her education at Trinity Washington University to receive a Bachelor of Art in Human Relations -all while raising two (now three) children. After relocating to Atlanta in 2018, she survived the most hellish ordeal of her life, which is how she found herself - through surviving domestic violence. She learned that she had many unresolved issues stemming from her childhood and adolescence; looking for remedy after remedy to numb the pains of her past traumas and shortcomings. Now that she's come out on the other side, she has dedicated herself and, her life to helping other survivors find their voices and move forward in their healing. Letting every survivor know: “YOUR VOICE MATTERS" and, encouraging you to blaze forward in your truths without fear. So, welcome to our SAFE SPACE - where its all about YOU!

Katina Davis-Founder/Executive Director-Atlanta

Rachel Butler-Youth Liaison-Wisconsin

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